What is Health Coaching?


Health Coach

Lifestyle adjustments, nutrition-based guidelines, behavior modification, intrinsic changes for long-term results.


Nutritionists create specific, nutrition-based guidelines for clients to address specific health issues.


They have completed advanced education and training in nutrition and primarily work in the treatment and prevention of disease.

Medical Doctor

Medical practitioner who practices western medicine. Promoting health through treatment of disease. Licensed to prescribe medication, treatments and perform surgery.

What the Living Well Longer Membership means for you.

We focus on a holistic approach to health, exploring all the other areas of a client’s life that affect well-being. By utilizing goal setting and accountability-based coaching strategies to help clients understand and address their health issues from a holistic perspective.

Coaching will provide information on different types of diets and supplement options to explore, but do not prescribe these types of protocols to clients. We work with patients on lifestyle factors such as nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, time management, and smoking.

Living Well Co. helps women identify challenges that might be standing in the way of a healthier lifestyle and then works with them to establish goals for overcoming those challenges rather than just seeking medication.

Let's dig deep and get to the root because if not you, then who?