12 things I wish I knew in my 20s to set me up for incredible success in my 30s. Not only personally but financially.

When I look back at my early 20s, I cringe. Hard.

It was a scary, dark time when I was making a lot of mistakes. Mistakes are a part of being young but mine were just one mistake after another. Without making any changes.

You learn from you mistakes and move on. Not me!

I spent all of my money without saving, chased boys who were so questionable, spent every weekend at the bar, and took a lot of prescriptions to survive.

No real plans for the future or even thought about it.

Now as a health coach, respectful mother of 2, and a self-love, heal your childhood trauma advocate, things have completely changed.

I do strongly believe that everything is meant to be and happens at the exact time it is supposed to. I still can’t help but think that if I would’ve implemented these 12 principles, I would’ve saved myself a lot of time, pain and grief.

12 things I wish I knew in my 20s:

  1. If you want to be successful in all areas of you life, it starts with you. Find out who you are. Fall in love with yourself so deeply that nobody can ever take advantage of you.
  2. Going to the bars every weekend is a waste of your time. Let others party away while you stay home and build an empire.
  3. Speaking of building an empire, start your own business now. This is the time so years down the road you can be incredibly successful making money for yourself. This is the legacy you will leave for yourself and your children.
  4. Invest. Invest. Invest. Invest your money in the market and in real estate.
  5. Yes, healthy food does matter. Learning about food and how to cook for yourself is the best investment for your longevity and for your future children.
  6. Putting on sunscreen and not going to tanning beds is the key ingredient to aging gracefully.
  7. Your body is a temple. As much as I laughed about this phrase before thinking it was ridiculous, it is SO TRUE. Who you share your body and spirit with matters. Be incredibly picky.
  8. Leave the table when a meal is not being served. Don’t feel bad about it either.
  9. Trauma therapy will transform your life.
  10. Make exercise a priority. Your body is your vehicle in this lifetime.
  11. Your mindset and consistency is what will dictate your future. Invest in that.
  12. Always be grateful for what you have and what is to come.

As you can see, from reading the 12 things I wish I knew in my 20s, investing in the right things is what will reap the most rewards.

To me, the most important things to invest your time and energy in your 20s is:

The rest will take care of itself.

I am changing my blog posts to be every Friday now. Due to readers feedback. Friday’s mean your mind starts to get mentally prepared to unwind. Especially after working so hard all week. What better time to come here and get inspired to do something different, health wise, when you are not solely focused on getting things done.

If you have any other feedback, I’d love to hear it!

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How are you spending your Cinco de Mayo tonight?

I absolutely love Fridays. It means we get to go out to eat and switch up the scenery with the kids. Sometimes we go to the beach. Sometimes we just take a walk to the park. It is high serene vibes, which is exactly what I need after working so hard all week.

Life update

I decided to transition my 18-month old daughter to her Montessori floor bed last Thursday. My original plan was to transition her to this bed when she was 5-months old and done with the bassinet, but it did not go that way. I was very nervous about leaving her in a bed that young even though it was perfectly safe to.

The catch to this though is that we never set a crib up for her because I was so determined that she would sleep in her floor bed early on. Plans changed as they do with parenting, so I decided to put her in a pack n play until I was ready. A year later and my baby girl was still sleeping in this pack n play! It just didn’t feel right. She deserved to sleep on her beautiful, comfortable bed that was waiting for her.

When she turned 18-months, you can tell she was super ready. I was also ready. Even though I knew it meant I was going to have some sleepless nights.

So how is it going you might ask? Lots of sleepless nights! Transitions are obviously incredibly hard for them and they are not linear. Some days, she does great and is a Rockstar and some nights, like last night, she will be awake for 4 hours. Luckily, since she is my second, I know this phase will pass.

My survival toolkit

I mentally prepare her by letting her know what is going to happen. I will also say phrases to her like “I know this transition is so hard, I will be here for you every step of the way.” “You are doing so good. This is a big transition.” Also, lots of coffee and patience 🙂

My morning routine of waking up at 5:15 AM has had to take a little step back. I started to feel guilty about it, then realized I needed to give myself some grace and that this transition only happens once in her life. She is my priority right now. Then the guilt just faded away.

A little bit about me, is that I wholeheartedly believe in the Montessori approach for children. My 5-year old has been going to a Montessori school since he was 1. He is thriving and so incredibly independent in an age appropriate way. You should check it out!

To your health and happiness,

Alejandra at Living Well Co.

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