7 back to life tips as we transition into fall.

Sweet summer is coming to an end.

Late nights and fun days are winding down.

Vacations are being planned for the holidays.

Kids are going back to school.

Fall is such a symbolic season for change and transitions. Back to life.

Temperatures start to drop (thank goodness). We start to buy away our bathing suits and bring in our sweaters.

Daylight starts to shorten.

Leaves start to turn different colors.

There is a sense in the crisp air of seeking comfort.

Everyone starts to realize that it is time to get back into a health routine.

You can spend more time outside.

The change of season brings awareness to our immunity because people more often than not get sick.

Our kids have fun school traditions. They start to make friends. It is all too sweet.

Fall is by far my favorite season.

My birthday is in the fall. I am a Libra. The sign of balance.

In a sense, when we get back to life in the fall, balance is the word that comes to mind.

We start to balance work, home, and self-care more.

We make time for more fun activities outside of work like football season, pumpkin patches, hiking, fall festivals, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Work will always be busy but there is more intention in having fun, prioritizing health and being with loved ones.

So how do we smoothly transition back to life?

Back To Life Tips

  1. Prioritize your health right away: Don’t wait until later. Start to take action. You don’t want the change in temperatures to bring on a cold that stops you from working, making money and being present with your family in all of the fun events coming up. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sleeping.
  2. Create a fitness or movement routine that you can stay consistent with: if your schedule is jam packed and you are in a fast-paced environment, start to learn to love the mornings. It is the only time during the day that you have fully to yourself. Waiting until nighttime doesn’t set you up for success. At night you should prioritize sleep so you can be on your A game the next day.
  3. Set boundaries with your phone: You don’t need the external world to dictate your entire day. Wait at least an hour to look at it when you wake up. Put it away as soon as you get home for 2 hours. To play and be present with your kids. To cook a meal. Then put it away 1 hour before bed. To unwind. To let your body naturally release melatonin. It will also give you space to do things that fill up your self-care cup.
  4. Learn to love the grocery store: home cooking is not only good for your body but for your wallet. As overwhelming it might be to add home cooking to your routine, it is what will bring so much wealth into your life. Your body gets properly nourished and you can stay on budget. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the grocery store and don’t know where to start, I offer a grocery store tour service to help you with just that.
  5. Healthier alternatives: you can still enjoy the foods and recipes you love this fall. You just want to take the junk out. This goes for packaged goods too. On those busy days when you just don’t have the time to cook, you have the peace of mind that regardless of what you grab on the go, it is still nourishing.
  6. Journal: during times of high stress and transitions, a journal will be your best friend. Instead of taking out the internal turmoil that stress brings, take it out on your journal. It won’t hurt it and it won’t judge you. You get to release and it helps with self-reflection.
  7. Limit alcohol intake: Instead of waiting for dry January, start to limit your alcohol consumption now. Don’t make holidays and football season an excuse to drink more. It lowers your immunity. It prevents you from being motivated to stay in a consistent health routine. It can create friction in relationships and at work. If you have to attend a lot of happy hours for work, opt for club soda with lime instead. You will be more productive at work the next day than your fellow coworkers who will be too hungover to function properly.

Are you ready to start living your life differently?

Tired of paying the price of missing work, money and time with your family that stress creates in your life?

There is a way out.

That other way out is through a health coach. Your own personal coach that will look at all areas of your life, to see how you can make changes.

Changes that will create long-lasting results.

These changes come from looking at nutrition, self-care, movement, and daily habits.

As your coach we will work on a step-by-step plan together on reaching all of your health goals and then leaving you empowered to continue making changes on your own.

I also offer grocery store tours and pantry makeovers. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by it all anymore. I am here to take that stress off your plate.

If you are ready to start living well and say goodbye to the stress and burnout that has you surviving instead of thriving – contact me now.

Let’s Chat

How is everyone feeling right now?

Are you ready to get back into routine?

If there is anything you take away from this blog today is to prioritize sleep.

It will help you make more sound decisions. It will help you show up in all areas of your life.

This is what sleep looks like in my household:

21-month old: goes to sleep at 7pm. Takes 1 nap at noon. She will be starting school so her nap will change to 1 pm. If she takes a short nap, I move bedtime up earlier to 6:30 pm to help her catch up. Let’s say it’s a day she decides to skip a nap, bedtime is at 6:00 pm.

5-year old: he has pushed bedtime to 8:30 pm this summer. Which I haven’t loved but it is one of those things that I just let go for the season. For the school year, I will prioritize his sleep to be at 7:30 pm. Latest is 8:00 pm.

Myself: phone will be in charger in the kitchen at 7:30 pm. My bedtime will be 9:30 pm. If I am really tired then I will go to bed at 9:00 pm. Right now, my wake up time is 5:30 am. I found it is the perfect sweet spot. Not everyday. I have learned that my body will tell me when I need to rest.

My husband: his journey. I don’t get involved!

Also, in order to prepare for fall, don’t forget to buy lots of onions and garlic! You know that our kids are going to bring home lots of germs and colds. Coughing up a storm. Giving it to us as well. Better to just be prepared.

Life Update

I have been nonstop car shopping for the past 2 weeks and wow I really dislike car shopping. It sucks the energy out of your soul. You have to ask so many questions. Bargain. Test drive. Then you have to look for the best car loans. Insurance. Should you buy new? Used? What about warranty? Yikes. If anyone needs any recommendations I feel like an expert now !

If this helps you in anyway. Leave a comment below. Would love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend!

Alejandra at Living Well Co.

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