An easy way to upgrade your health today.

Anyone that asks me what is an easy way to upgrade your health I most always ask:

Do you cook at home?

If you were to ask me 5 years ago if I cooked at home, I would’ve probably laughed and said absolutely not.  For most of my 20s, I lived in Chicago and was single with absolutely no responsibility except my job.

The things I kept in my fridge were alcohol, a Britta for filtered water, milk alternative because I am lactose intolerant, frozen veggie patties (delicious AMIRIGHT), maybe some fruit, and that’s it.  I honestly have no idea how I survived. 

Luckily I’ve made a good come back and have restored my health – this is to show you that it is never too late.

As soon as I got pregnant with my son, I was left with no other choice than to take a hard look at what I was putting in my body – I actually had to nourish myself because I was nourishing another human being.

The same holds true today. Even though I am not pregnant, I am fully in charge of what goes into my children’s bodies and how their health is shaped.  As parents, we are also their role models. 

Nourishing our bodies is an act of self-care.  It is saying, my body is worth it.  My body and I are worth giving it the absolute best so that I can show up for my family and the world in the best way possible. 

This is the message that they subconsciously get and it is how they will treat themselves as they get older. Yes, our parents fed us fast food, Spaghetti Os’ and mac and cheese for dinner and we “turned out fine.”  Are we really fine though?

Listen, I give my kids mac and cheese and frozen pizza for dinner very frequently, but the trick is to buy the quality version. Luckily, we are more health conscious today than back when we were young so there are so many alternatives out there now, but that is for a different post.

I digress – let’s get back to home-cooked meals and why it is an easy way to upgrade your life.

Why is cooking at home so important? You’re also wondering how can you cook dinner every night when you work and there is very little time.  It is proven by many studies that cooking at home contributes to a healthier diet.

Takeout and eating at restaurants is great, I really do love it especially when I am so burnt out or I get to reconnect with friends, but it has its downside if you are trying to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

When eating out at restaurants or getting food to go, you have absolutely no control over what is going in your body.  You have no idea the quality of food and ingredients they are cooking the meals with. 

Why is this important? Because most restaurants are not going to cook with the best ingredients that help and nourish your body, but instead that will cause inflammation.  Inflammation leads to pain, weight gain, diabetes, chronic disease and premature death. 

Depending on the restaurant – I am not saying all of them – but definitely most, use the cheapest ingredients.  They have to buy in quantity and at a cheap price.  So that canola oil that is high in saturated fat isn’t doing you any good hunni.  Or let’s talk about Chic-Fil-A for example (I live in the South and you know Southerners love their Chic-Fil-A). The oils, sugar, sodium and MSG they use to cook their food with leads to some major inflammation. 

Again, why is inflammation so important to keep under control? Because it leads to pain, diabetes, heart disease and premature death.  I have to repeat again because it is VITAL to realize why certain foods are not good for you. This is not to say never have Chic-Fil-A or fast food again, just be mindful about it.  It should be the exception, not the rule.

On the contrary, cooking at home gives you power.  Power and control over what goes in to your body.  You buy your own ingredients. When you start to learn about which foods are good for you, what are the healthier alternatives to your favorite meals and why, it is actually fun to cook.  There is no deprivation when you choose high quality ingredients – you can eat mac and cheese all you want!

How do you find time? There are many answers to this and I treat this on an individual basis.  The core to the many answers though is this – priority.  When you make cooking at home a priority, you will find all kinds of ways to cook at home.

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