Mood boosting smoothie when you need to feel good.

Ever need a pick me up on the weekends after you didn’t get much sleep, or when you’re menstruating, or after dinner you’re craving something sweet and delicious, or because you are moody and such is life?

Well, this mood boosting smoothie is perfect for you! It is SO GOOD. The best part is that it is nourishing as well. Sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t!

Before you get started:

Organic is recommended for as many ingredients as possible. If you can’t do for all, do it at least for the spinach. Spinach was in the Dirty Dozen list for 2022 (the list that states the fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides for the year).

Smoothie ingredients:

~1 cup milk of choice. I usually prefer almond milk because I am lactose intolerant. This one to be exact because it has the least amount of ingredients. I do on occasion drink regular or raw milk but it has to come straight from the farm. I will post about milk on a later post.

*How did I find out I was lactose intolerant? I struggled for many years with digestive issues and it was partly because of dairy. After reading about the blood type diet (I am O positive) and trial and error, I learned that dairy isn’t the best for me.

*Also, almonds are high in magnesium which helps produce more serotonin (happy, relaxed chemicals in brain).

~ 1 ripe banana (frozen works too). Helps produce serotonin as well.

~3 Medjool dates. Powerhouse that improves hormone regulation.


1 teaspoon maple syrup if dates are not your thing.

~ 1 tablespoon cacao powder. Triggers the release of of endorphins (feel good brain chemical).

~ 1 tablespoon cacao nibs. Triggers the release of endorphins.

~ 1 tablespoon Maca (not MaTcHa, the green tea. Two totally different things). It is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt and deal with different stressors. Also has flavonoids, which are thought to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

~ 1 big handful of frozen or fresh spinach. Contains magnesium, like almonds, which impacts your serotonin levels. I’m also always trying to sneak in vegetables any chance I get.

Place all in the blender and enjoy!

If you want a FREE grocery list, so that you can go in and out of the grocery store, and to know exactly what to buy to feel and look good? Then check this out.

If you are ready to take this further. To dive deeper. Then the next step is to schedule a concierge health coaching session.

Thanks for being here!


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