Valentine’s Day wellness gift guide for her for 2024.

I can’t believe it is 2024 already and it is time to think about Valentine’s Day!

I know it might seem early but any holiday always creeps up before you know it.

After we celebrated Christmas, these are my top wellness gifts for her that are longevity approved.

  1. Live Well Longer Membership: For just $1 a day you can have health coaching on demand in the comfort of your own home. It meets you wherever you are at to live well for longer.
  2. Necessaire Shampoo & Conditioner: I have tried so many shampoos because I tend to get dandruff and my hair can get oily. This one is a favorite so far and it is nontoxic.
  3. Osea Body Care: Osea is my favorite brand for body oils and lotions and has been for many years. This cute little kit is for those who either just want to try it out or if you travel a lot.
  4. Pique Tea: This tea is effective and pure. No wonder it is a fan favorite amongst the wellness world. They have teas for digestion, skin radiance, metabolism, you name it. I’ve been drinking so much coffee lately that I am starting to make the switch to drinking more tea.
  5. Kosas Lipstick: I just recently bought this specific color (turned on) from Kosas and omg it is gorgeous! This is the second color I’ve bought from this brand and I am hooked. It is also a clean beauty brand which is a huge win.
  6. Dr. Dennis Gross LED Lip Light: As I am aging, I am noticing that my first signs of wrinkles are on my lips (nasolabial wrinkles to be exact). So I want to be preventative and hold off on Botox or fillers for as long as possible. This one is on my list to purchase.
  7. Slip Silk Pillowcase: Endless benefits for your hair and face. Anti-aging, anti-sleep crease and anti-bed head.
  8. Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle: This one is on my personal list. It heats up water so fast and I am obsessed with the aesthetic.
  9. Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask: I’ve had this for over a year and let me tell you, it works. I personally don’t blink all the way so at night my eyes don’t fully close. Meaning, that a lot of light will get in to my eyes at night, which means I don’t get a full night of sleep.
  10. Wellness Journal: Journaling has changed my life. Especially when I don’t know what I am feeling or when I feel really angry. When I want to get everything out on a page without freaking out at someone. It is my own personal space that makes me feel good and safe. This journal has a structure to help you get started.

Happy shopping and I hope this helps!

Alejandra at Living Well Co.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that Living Well Co. might receive a small commission when you purchase these items, at no additional cost to you.

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