Communicate Before You Rage

How to communicate before you rage. Especially as a parent that has to keep it together, so we don’t lose it on the people we love the most. To communicate before you rage means more harmony at home and with every relationship that you have. Everyone feels angry sometimes. It is part of being a […]

Sunscreen Guide For Families

Sunscreen guide for families to stay healthy this summer.I used to think all sunscreen was created equal. Now I know better. First, if you didn’t know, sunscreen is considered and over-the-counter drug. We need sunscreen in order to prevent the negative effects of being overly exposed to the sun’s rays (UVB and UVA), like malignant […]

Simple Morning Habits For Parents

Simple morning habits for parents that have transformed my days, therefore my life. We all think change and transformation happens overnight. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Changes in your life happen when you make small changes everyday that feel really uncomfortable. Like anything else though, the more you implement them, the less uncomfortable […]

10 Things I Learned While In Hawaii

10 things I learned while in Hawaii last week that made it to be the most magical trip to date. Hawaii is magical of course but that wasn’t the reason why I found it so be so magical. It was magical because of my perspective. My state of mind. I’ve been very privileged throughout my […]

Benefits of Breastfeeding

As I come to the end of my breastfeeding journey with my 19-month-old, I wanted to write about the benefits of breastfeeding. I whole heartedly believe in fed is best. I have met many women who tried breastfeeding but it did not work out or it wasn’t for them for many reasons. Which is completely […]