All Things Breast Implant Removal

It has been 5 weeks since my breast implant removal surgery, so I wanted to share all things breast explant journey because I have never felt better. Why I wanted to get one, how to prepare before and what are the best ways to heal & recover. After 5 weeks, I feel pretty much healed. […]

Back To Life Tips

7 back to life tips as we transition into fall. Sweet summer is coming to an end. Late nights and fun days are winding down. Vacations are being planned for the holidays. Kids are going back to school. Fall is such a symbolic season for change and transitions. Back to life. Temperatures start to drop […]

Screens and Children

Why we need to be more mindful about screens and children. I recently posted about this topic on Instagram and I got incredible responses. I know this is something more people need to hear about. So I have a confession to make. I was so fortunate when my first baby was born to had been […]

Communicate Before You Rage

How to communicate before you rage. Especially as a parent that has to keep it together, so we don’t lose it on the people we love the most. To communicate before you rage means more harmony at home and with every relationship that you have. Everyone feels angry sometimes. It is part of being a […]

Simple Morning Habits For Parents

Simple morning habits for parents that have transformed my days, therefore my life. We all think change and transformation happens overnight. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Changes in your life happen when you make small changes everyday that feel really uncomfortable. Like anything else though, the more you implement them, the less uncomfortable […]